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Hybrid Creative Collective & Studio created and based in Nazaré, Portugal

As an independent producer, we are specialized in the surf industry, extreme sports, culture and lifestyle. Each project is unique and has a story to tell. We embrace our works with professionalism and passion. Facing the future with a creative and positive mind is our main mission. We create /water/ videos & images. Our job is to help different type of clients : companies, brands, events, athletes and personalities to translate their ideas through images.



Surfline Outfront: Portugal

Episode 6 in a original series celebrating core surf communities around the world by showcasing their unique wavescapes, culture and local surfers, as documented by resident filmmakers. 

Social Media Collaboration & Partnership

Supporting and building a relationship with other businesses by establishing networks, working together, and sharing audiences.

Vox - Biggest Wave in the world explained ( Documentary )

Nazaré, Portugal was for centuries just a small fishing village known for its fishermen and dangerous seas. Then one day in 2011, a pro-surfer named Garrett McNamara strapped on a surf board and rode a 78 foot wave right off its coast. It was a new world-record for big wave surfing and the moment that changed Nazaré forever.

(Water) Footage & Surfing

When it comes to Nazaré, there are only a few people on the planet who properly and intimately know that wave. It takes more than turning up for a few seasons to really get the nuance of the this juggernaut dialled in.

"There's so much more to the technical aspect and logistics and swell angles and storms, canyons, rescue, spotters and on and on.

It is perhaps one of surfing's most volatile mixes, a potent, ticking time bomb that can be more mountain than ocean at times. And isn't that what makes it all so compelling? Now, imagine growing up there. Imagine having Nazare as your local and learning all the intricacies that comes with it. Luis de Sa, aka Ben, from Above Media, is that legend. Not only born and raised at Nazare, he's surfed it a heck of a lot. But also, through that, has been scoping out angles to shoot that you may not have seen before." - Magic Seaweed

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