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Audiovisual Producer

based in Nazaré, Portugal

As an independent producer, we are specialized in Big Wave Surf industry.
Each project is unique and has a story to tell. We embrace our works with professionalism and passion. Facing the future with a creative and positive mind is our main mission. We create /water/ videos & images. Our job is to help different type of clients : companies, brands, events, athletes and personalities to translate their ideas through images.



Surfline Outfront: Portugal

Episode 6 in a original series celebrating core surf communities around the world by showcasing their unique wavescapes, culture and local surfers, as documented by resident filmmakers. 

Portrait and Fashion Photography

Social Media Collaboration & Partnership

Supporting and building a relationship with other businesses by establishing networks, working together, and sharing audiences.

Vox - Biggest Wave in the world explained ( Documentary )

Nazaré, Portugal was for centuries just a small fishing village known for its fishermen and dangerous seas. Then one day in 2011, a pro-surfer named Garrett McNamara strapped on a surf board and rode a 78 foot wave right off its coast. It was a new world-record for big wave surfing and the moment that changed Nazaré forever.

(Water) Footage & Surfing

When it comes to Nazaré, there are only a few people on the planet who properly and intimately know that wave. It takes more than turning up for a few seasons to really get the nuance of the this juggernaut dialled in.